One way to keep our bodies and lives in balance is to choose movement activities (sometimes referred to as exercise) which are rich in neuromuscular challenges. 

What does that mean?  The neuro part of the word neuromuscular refers to the nervous system.  The nerves carry information to the spinal cord and brain.  The muscular part refers to your muscles which are participating in the activity.  Challenge means you are connecting the two systems (nerves and muscles) in a way which you may not have done before.  When the movements we perform require more messages to be sent and received between the muscles and the brain, we are challenging these cells.  They will rise to the challenge.  You will feel the connection.  Don't worry; this is a place to start.  You will be able to do this!    

Why do we want to perform activities which require the brain (mind) and the body (muscles) to connect?  When you think about the way you move and engage mentally in what your body is doing, the awareness of the body increases.  You make your mind aware of what your body is doing and how it is doing it.  The greater your awareness of your body the deeper the connection is between the mind and the body.  When the body and the mind support each other, the balance in your life begins to increase.  The best way to prove this is to start doing it! 

How do you begin to make a change?  Think about your body while you are moving.  When you stand up out of a chair, where do you place your feet?  Do you use your arms, or can your legs lift you up without your arms?  Which muscles in your legs do you feel work the hardest?  Can you choose a different muscle group to do more of the work?  What does it feel like to choose a different muscle group to focus on?  Try exhaling as you stand up.  Now try inhaling as you stand up.  Which feels the best?  Can you think of some questions to increase your awareness of this process you do many times a day but have never thought about as an exercise?  What do you feel like as you are more aware of your body?

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Until next time, I invite you to…STEP INTO BALANCE

Mary Thomas Miller