Just Move


Our bodies are designed to move.  Sitting and lying for prolonged periods of time slow every system in the body.  Think about how long you are sitting before you adjust your position - it typically falls somewhere around 20 minutes.  Think about how long you can sit and focus before you begin to notice your ability to focus decrease - it typically falls somewhere about 50 to 55 minutes.  Of course everyone's body is different.  My husband can sit a lot longer than I can.  I completely max out at about 2 hours.  If he is interested in what he is doing, he can go for 3 hours or more. 

Respect your body's needs and preferences.  Research shows moving, at least a little every 20 minutes, keeps the mind alert and heart and lungs pumping.  It staves off fatigue and improves digestion.  Movement keeps our joints healthy because movement is what circulates the fluids inside the joints which feed the surfaces covered with cartilage.  When your body feels balanced, you feel better!

Place a roller (you can buy one, or make one from a 3 liter soda bottle wrapped with an old hand towel with several rubber bands around it) under your desk chair, and roll it back and forth.  This is one way to keep your legs moving while sitting at your desk.  Breathing deeply 3 to 5 times is a good way as well.  Drawing the breath by expanding the abdomen (stomach area) is another great way to move, especially in a confined space.  Standing up and tightening all of your muscles, holding them tight for 5 or 10 seconds, and repeating this 3 times helps to support the balance between your body and mind.  Performing an activity I call prayers and pockets is a terrific upper body movement.  Check out this link http://youtu.be/448zlKnvVKM on my YouTube channel for a demonstration.  Subscribe to the channel for more activities you can do to improve your balance physically and mentally.

Notice how you feel after performing each of these activities.  Just think!  Not only did they save you the calories you might have consumed in the break room, they actually helped you burn some calories!  

Until next time, I invite you to…STEP INTO BALANCE!


Mary Thomas Miller