Pains & Gains

It seems to me we are programmed in our society to look for the negative, the difficult, and the disastrous.  I first noticed this when I heard a study regarding our news channels, newspaper articles and news magazines.  The vast majority of what we hear is all about the pains in life and in the world.  If you don't believe me, try an experiment.  Listen to 20 minutes of a news report.  Count the number of negative information you hear and the number of positive things you hear.  Since you are likely listening anyway, counting with little tally marks is not much more effort.  Make two columns, and put a mark for each item under pain (negative) and gain (positive).  If you are like me and you don't listen to the news, do this while listening to a conversation.  Notice how you feel when the 20 minutes is done.  Do you feel energized and ready to go?  Fatigued and drained?  Joyful and peaceful?  Or anxious? 

Guess what? Our bodies and our minds are amazing! They pick up the feeling they are being surrounded by even when our conscious attention is not focused on the meaning of each word which is being said.  My dad was a computer programmer back in the day of cobalt programming.  He said, "Garbage in, garbage out".  We as human beings are so much more capable than a computer.  People invented and programmed computers.  We are divinely created, and we pick up the energy from our environment.   Here is the cool part, if you don't believe me!  Go to, or think of, a place with a depressing environment, and notice what you feel or felt like being there.  Then contrast it to a place with an uplifting, positive environment.  There are many examples of both.  I have been to stores, restaurants, nursing homes, schools, even people's homes which could fall into one category or the other.  How did you feel in these places? Also, how did you feel when you left these places?  I have noticed I frequently feel the greatest change when I leave.  Were you feeling more pains or gains?  

Are you doing all that you can to be in an environment that brings you optimism, joy, peace and balance?  When you find yourself in an environment which is depressing, negative or destructive, are you leaving or initiating a change in it as soon as possible?  Improving your balance and well being depends on being aware of where you are at and how it impacts you.  It also depends on being aware of how you impact your environment.  Are you the breath of fresh air a place needs, or do you contribute to the dark gaseous cloud of pessimism? 

Be the change in the world when you can.  At times getting out may be the best choice.  You have the power to make a change!

Until next time, I invite you to…STEP INTO BALANCE!

Mary Thomas Miller