10 reasons your recovery is slowed to a crawl

10.  Over-all health – Healthy people heal faster than unhealthy people.  Younger people heal faster than older people.  Fit people heal faster than couch potatoes. 

9.  Other health issues such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, tobacco use, alcohol abuse and body weight all play a role in your healing.  The more of these issues you have, typically the slower the progress.

8.  Who are you working with – Dr. Waddell reports in his studies, People who find top level healthcare professionals and follow the instructions of these professionals heal more quickly than those who do not receive good instructions or do not follow-through with the instructions.  The fortune is in the follow-up.

7.  Sedentary lifestyle – People who sit all day for work and watch TV for their recreation heal more slowly. 

6.  Diet – People who consume more nutrients in their calories heal faster than those who primarily consume processed foods (Dr. Joel Fuhrman).

5.  Rest levels – Our bodies need sleep and rest to rebuild.  A lack of sleep slows healing time. 

4.  Stress levels – People who have high levels of stress heal more slowly than those with lower stress levels. 

3.  Awareness – People who are highly aware of their daily postures and habits heal more quickly…because they can adjust habits such as sleep, sitting and standing positions more quickly.

2.  Readers heal more quickly – People with higher attention spans are more likely to be self-educated and self-motivated.  They are more likely to follow-through with the treatment plan and have success with a treatment plan.

1.  Hope and Desire – People who think, believe and know it is possible to be well or at least be better tend to be more persistent and do not let anything stop them.  They are solution finders and problem solvers.  People with hope and desire are action takers.