Breathing Better!

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Won’t this Make my Belly Bigger?

When coaching individuals to use their breathing patterns to support better health and mindfulness, I frequently hear – “If I breath into my belly it will make my belly bigger?"  Research shows muscles held in a tightened contraction all the time become weaker.  Breathing into the belly area, alternating muscular contractions with relaxation during breathing, not only supports the needed contract relax pattern for the muscles, it creates pressure changes in the abdominal area which flushes toxins out and brings healthy nutrients into the region.  Instead of the abdomen becoming a storage vessel for toxins, it becomes a center for healthy flow through the body.  It is like Grand Central Station, if the individuals are moved through Grand Central Station the exchange takes place.  When there is a back up because a line breaks down, catastrophic back up can result.  Take a few minutes and breathe deeply, relaxing as you inhale and contracting your abdominal muscles as you exhale.  What do you notice about your body?  About your breath? 

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