Body Balance

I shared a method with someone the other day that he could do at home with a minimal investment of his time. I explained this method would balance his body and relieve the pain he described to me. He asked if the balance would stay once he achieved it. I had to smile.

We brush our teeth twice a day, or our mouth would smell like a garbage can. We eat several times a day, or we would get weak and run out of energy in a day or two.  We talk to our spouses, our friends, and our co-workers to keep the relationships in balance, but for some reason we forget the relationship we need to maintain with our body. Our body needs attention and needs to be maintained daily.

My response to the initial question was that once balance is attained it will be easier to maintain. If you have the correct information and know how to apply the principals with purpose, balance in your body can be achieved and maintained in about 10 minutes a day. What are you doing to maintain the balance in your body? Is this working for you?