"Maybe" most often stops us

          The other day I watching a patient walk from the waiting room to the gym.  Her shoulders were leaning very far forward over a cane.  Her bottom was significantly behind her feet.  I invited her to the parallel bars and began asking questions her about her posture and body position.  Being an observer, I wanted to find out what her perceptions were about her posture before movement even began.  She had a difficult time answering questions like, “Do you feel more weight on your heels or your toes?” … She seemed to be in a place of maybe
          I was not concerned about what was considered to be correct from the books I read in therapy training.  I was interested in knowing how this person experienced her own body.  I wondered if she was thinking, “Maybe my answer will be wrong.”  I just wanted to know where she was coming from so I could set up a map on how to help her get from an insecure gait pattern to a safe pattern.  She taught me a powerful lesson.  Maybe is a bigger limit to our improvement than being wrong. If we are wrong we can nearly always change.  If we are right we can expand being correct.  If we don’t make a decision (maybe) we are stuck in the pain of the moment with little possibility for change.
          Think about it.

Do you have areas in your body that are stuck?  Are you living with pain that travels around like a merry-go-round?  Are you looking for a way off the carousal? 

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