I Have a Voice – Just saying

Hello – this is your body speaking.

I am your body. From the time you were small the “authorities” taught you stop listening to me.  Push yourself harder, you can do the pull up or the push up or climb the rope. It wasn’t happening – no way, no how.  You were told we weren’t working hard enough, we were lazy and maybe even stupid. I could produce music, which sounded like the breath of an angel, but I could not help you climb the rope or do a pull up.  The embarrassment set us up for humiliation.  You were embarrassed by my lack of ability on the playground and held it against me.  Instead of celebrating the things I could do well you resented me for the things I couldn’t do. 

Can we start again?  What if we celebrated the good in one another?  How could we find balance and expand our relationship? 

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