Transition to Wellness: Robert Ramirez

"I’m just beginning my second month as a participant and I can see myself taking part in these classes for well into the rest of this year.  Transition means change, and this program is helping me accelerate and increase the effectiveness of good changes in my life. 

 I’ve always been athletic: playing tennis, running and actively cycling for nearly 30 years.  But with the march of the years and accumulating aches and pains, I’d fallen into a long period of inactivity, riding only my reclining leather sofa while heating up the remote control with the constant, rapid changing of TV channels.  I’d essentially given up even trying to be in good shape. I preferred doing NOTHING rather than make my aches and pains worse by working out, even if it meant relatively short rides on the bike.  This is a depressing place to arrive because, “if you aren’t busy being born you’re busy dying,”—and I was like a walking dead man.

 I want a more fully realized life, to better see and understand my purpose in life, discover my true passion and calling, and spend the rest of my life following my bliss.  I attend classes directed by Physical Therapists, and they’re a great help in transitioning to a happier, healthier life in all of its facets. The good people guiding this Transition have helped me strengthen and clarify my new thinking that I WANT the benefits, and I’m willing to go twice a day if that ever becomes necessary.

 Now I can feel myself getting better in many ways. I realize the stupidity of my earlier thinking that somehow I could make instant changes and just get back in shape without really working through the “issues” which affected me. I no longer say, “I NEED to exercise” or “I HAVE TO exercise.”  Now, thanks to my own efforts and my participation in this program, I say “I WANT to go to my morning program” because it brings me so many wonderful benefits that I WANT to experience every day.”

 God made us, and He does some amazing work!  We are a fascinating blend of the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual.  I’ve got a body and a soul and my unique personality.  Health and well-being are connected in all areas.  Pray more and get closer to the loving God who created you and other changes happen.   The wonderful exercises, stretching, breathing, thinking, relaxing activities we do are bringing growth into all of these areas of my life.   The program is not a magic bullet, even though it offers magical experiences and changes.  You do your part, they do theirs, and you’ll be amazed how your life will change. I feel like I’ve won the Good Health Sweepstakes.  I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t benefit from this program.  But they, like me, needs to ask themselves a hard question:  “Do I want something better, and am I willing to take a few small steps to help make that change happen?” 

 If you can say YES to both parts of this question, then let your first step be to join TTW for just one month.  You won’t believe how much good can come into your life in just 30 days.  Anyone with any serious health issue, physical, emotional or spiritual, would benefit from participating in this program.  It’s not a pill, or a quick fix.  Even better, it’s a door you can walk through, and you’ll WANT to keep walking along the path towards a happier, healthier you."

 Editor’s note: Robert was our very first client in the Transition to Wellness program, and he added, “I’m so grateful to have found this program, and it is so silly to even consider how it could be better.  For me it ‘ll never get better than the first day, when I had three instructors and just ME!”