Innovative Therapy: Debra Miller

I've been in physical therapy with Mary Thomas in the past with successful results and was happy to be referred to see her again for my back pain and fibromyalgia. I started out doing exercises standing, with a few laying down. Mary’s methods teach you to rate your own body’s experience with each exercise and to work with that information, even it if changes from one day to the next. The exercises themselves help to relieve the pain, increase range of motion and strength(,) and above all make sense. She teaches you to listen to and work with your body. This is not a place where you go to do some exercises when an assistant tells you what and how long and come(s) back later and you get a therapeutic massage for a small amount of time at the end of the session. Here she exercises with you, watching to see that you are not about to hurt yourself or overtire yourself. The massage room session is also a partnership between the therapist and myself, working together to release the tension and whatever is causing the pain. I have been feeling better with each week/session, and I didn’t say “feeling” better for a reason. I have had therapy and therapeutic massage in the past that has left me feeling better in the short term, however, the exercises that were given to me before-and the suggestions (or lack thereof) that were made to help me once therapy was done-were not helpful in the long term. The things I am learning here will help me help myself and I will be able to continue to be able to use them to help with pain, range of motion and strength, even after therapy is concluded. At this point, I feel more than 50% better than when I began. (I am) (a)sked to rate my own progress before each session(.) I have been rating about 60%, and once I think I rated 70% better than when I began. I think that is tremendous improvement, speaking for myself. Sure, I still start out in pain when I get out of bed(,) but using my exercises first, it is less of a problem. Today I felt like I was walking, moving both hips/legs separately. It was a new feeling. I truly believe Mary is helping me.