Innovative Therapy: Debra Miller

"It’s been about six weeks since my last evaluation. I believe I’ve improved from 80% to (usually) 90%, and we’ve changed to one time per week. For the most part, I am not using my cane anymore because I feel more balanced, steady, and grounded on my feet. I’ve done exercises such as walking over cones balanced, with [my] feet off the floor. [I] felt my calf muscles for the first time in years. Despite the occasional setback keeping me away, I’m generally maintaining. I’m able to stand continuously longer than before which helps me with my household chores, taking a shower, and participation in church. I recently took a flight to see my family, and managed alone in the airport so much better than last time! I took my luggage to check-in, walked through security, to the gates, baggage claim and long-term parking. No porters, wheelchairs, or carts to travel to the gates. Big difference. Most recent exercises have returned to basics, but new exercises are included and I’m working even harder. I expect further gains to come."

- Debra Miller