Innovative Therapy: Ted Banks

Ted Banks collage IV.jpg

"Ted, 85 years young, has had both hips and both knees replaced, a pace make implanted and a broken pelvic bone since his 80th birthday.  He has dementia caused by the use of strong narcotics during these procedures.  He recently was put in a nursing home for 2 months.  He sat on his bed to watch TV and was so bent that he had stress fractures in his ribs.  He had lost 20 lbs and much of his muscle due to inactivity.  We visited with Mary Thomas, PT after a workshop she lead on headaches.  This information helped both Ted's headaches and my headaches and my neck pain.  After seeing some testimonials from some of her patients, I asked Mary if there was a way to get therapy for Ted.

A couple of weeks later, we started therapy to strengthen and regain some of his strength and mobility.  She worked wonders with his ability to move with the methods she uses.  He now stands almost erect and walks with very little assistance.  He can stand independently for several minutes.  He has a much better outlook on life.  His increased activity has lessened his dementia problems.  

I have seen a miracle happen before my eyes in 2 months.  Treating the whole person was new to me.  I was taught that you work with the "broken" parts.  I am completely convinced that working the whole person is the best way.  Innovative Therapy employees are the best I've ever seen.  They are so kind, caring and loving towards the patient as well as the spouse.  We will be forever thankful for all they have done for Ted."

Written by Kathy Pfeiffer, wife of patient Robert Banks