Transition to Wellness

Wellness Classes: Health and Wellness Through Physical Training

Body awareness is an important step in conquering your physical limitations and maximizing your performance capabilities. We implement a personalized approach to modern physical therapy and wellness training that allows us to focus on teaching you about your body and overall health.

How does this benefit you?

Physical activity is a key component of superior health and helps each of us achieve a happier and healthier lifestyle by improving our well-being and fitness.  The long term benefits of maintaining a balanced exercise regimen can reduce the risk of various chronic diseases and help manage pain. Exercise recommendations generally vary depending on the intensity and duration of a workout for the average adult.

If you are living with a disability that hinders your physical wellness, it is important to establish realistic goals and pinpoint your limitations. Working through these boundaries will set you on a course to better health and wellness.

We carefully blend functional therapy with traditional healing methods in physical training to help you effectively and efficiently achieve a balanced system. Our wellness classes make use of methods that include:

Meditation Training

Modern times are gradually shedding light on the benefits of meditation, leading to its widespread practice. Daily short meditation sessions can boost mental clarity and creativity, reduce stress, improve sleep patterns, and help maintain better health.

Anyone can practice meditation, no matter their spiritual background and beliefs. Meditation does not require special mantras, specific sitting positions, or incense and candles. We incorporate meditation training in our wellness therapies to help discipline and relax your body and focus your mind.

Breathing Training

All physical exercises involve movements that challenge posture and core stability while demanding an increase in air intake. The high amount of energy being exerted can cause erratic breathing patterns, resulting in even greater energy exertion.

Be aware of proper breathing techniques and how to incorporate them into your exercise regimen. Breathing efficiently stabilizes the body's core and relaxes the muscles more effectively. We teach functional breathing training to enhance your performance capabilities and reduce the risk of injury. Proper breathing during physical activity also has the benefits of increasing fat burning and preventing dizziness.

Body Awareness Training

People oftentimes let their pain take over, allowing it to be a nuisance and daily inconvenience. Body awareness can lead to a better understanding of your disabilities and can serve as a strategy for coping with pain. Being aware of your body's limitations and capabilities can both help you perform better and strengthen your muscles through proper guidance and physical training. It is a key component of our wellness classes to help you achieve a more balanced system.

Balance Training

Balance is a core element of virtually all physical activity. Our wellness classes use training methods to strengthen core-stability and reduce your weaknesses. Our licensed physical therapists can help you achieve balance control, especially in your problematic areas. Balance control helps avoid injury, not only while you perform physical activities, but in your daily life as well.

Movement Training

When your daily activities are hindered by a physical disability or limitation, any extra strain on your body can result in further injury. Improper movement training in exercise is bad news.  You need to be familiar with your body's capabilities and range of motion to adequately perform during physical activities.  Our wellness classes serve to train your mind and body to recognize and use the right movements to avoid injury. 

Fitness Classes for Beginners

If you have been out of the workout scene due to a disability or physical limitation, getting back into the game can be challenging and intimidating. Your body takes time to readjust to the increase in energy release and physical activity. It's a journey that requires patience and determination. 

Our licensed physical therapists do not place you on the pull-up bar prematurely. We make use of fitness equipment to help you adjust to the movements you'll be using as your capabilities and flexibility progress. We can help pinpoint your limitations and weaknesses to work toward increased stamina and a more balanced system by providing individualized attention in our fitness classes.


As a low-intensity form of exercise, yoga builds endurance, balance, flexibility, and muscle strength through specific poses and postures. This can be achieved by performing movements quickly and in succession or by using slow movements to increase stamina and perfect alignment. We incorporate yoga practices into our wellness program to expand your physical limitations and maximize your performance capabilities.

Tai Chi

This ancient Chinese practice is based on martial arts and uses unique movements to increase concentration, flexibility, and muscle strength. A balanced system is achieved by means of physical movement and mental discipline. Tai Chi develops and requires plenty of leg and hip strength. Movements are rooted in the feet, guided through the legs, and motioned by the hips and hands. Tai Chi is a moderate form of exercise that, when incorporated into a wellness program, can provide substantial benefits for strengthening weak areas of your body.

Qi Gong

The practice of Qi Gong involves perfecting posture, mental focus, muscle strength, and trained breathing techniques associated with a majority of low to moderate intensity exercises. Most forms of Qi Gong are easily adaptable due to their slow and gentle movements and can benefit people of all age groups, even those who are physically challenged. We blend Qi Gong practices into our wellness programs to achieve a more balanced system to create body awareness.