Are the garbage collectors in your body on strike?


Have you felt like your body is just full of stuff?  I am not talking healthy stuff but packed with stuff which causes you to feel sluggish and drained.  This can include excessive fluid, left over medication and chemicals you have no idea where you pick up.  Most of this waste is picked up and carried away from your tissues by the lymphatic system.  What is the lymphatic system?  Why is it important?  How can you support the body's ability to fully utilize the system to improve your wellness? 

The lymph system is a one way fluid transport system.  The lymphatic vessels carry fluid from the tissues back to the heart.  The first lymph vessels have flaps which allow large particles, along with fluid from the tissues of the body.  Blood veins can't pick up these larges items because they do not have a big enough opening.  Many of these larger items in the tissues are waste.  When the lymph system (garbage collector) is not working well, the waste collects in the tissues.  A significant factor which determines the rate at which the waste collects in the tissues depends on how well this important system of trash removal works.  In a healthy and well balanced body the lymph system keeps the body's tissues clean.

This system is a very important in your body's immune system.  In other words, it keeps you from getting infections.  When the lymph system is functioning well it removes any bacteria, viruses, or other small invaders.  When the system is not working well it does not remove invading micro organisms quickly.  This can result in an infection. 

When there is an injury or irritation in a structure, like a tendon or bursa in the body, the lymph system helps to remove the swelling.  If the system is not working well, fluid accumulates in the area and this build up of pressure causes pain and limits your ability to move. 

There are several easy ways to help support the lymph system to improve the way you look and feel. 

Drink more water!  The recommended amount of water is 1/2 your body weight in fluid ounces.  If you weigh 150 lbs you would drink 75 ounces of water of water every day.  Staying well hydrated keeps the fluids in your body flowing easily.  Think about flowing water and flowing honey.  Water will get to the destination a lot faster than honey will. 

Move!  Lymph moves because we move.  Stretch, bend, bounce and walk.  Almost any movement is a good movement when it comes to lymph flow as long as the movement is performed in balance with rest.  Specific movements, quantity and quality of movement affect the fluid movement.  If you have issues with your lymph system consult a professional regarding the best and safest movements for your system.  For most people just standing and stretching for a minute or two every 20 to 30 minutes will be helpful.  You will feel better and think more clearly.

Breathe!  Taking deep breaths which are slow and expand the stomach region of your body will help.  Take 3 to 5 breaths like this once per hour.  Breathing deeply more often is fine as well. 

I frequently hear people say, "I don't have TIME to drink more water, move a bit more or breathe deeply".  I think, "I do not have time NOT to do these things".  When I feel better.  I can get more done in less time.  I haven't seen a doctor in nearly 2 years and that has saved me both time and money.  I have lost weight as I have done quick and simple activities which support my body in functioning better (and I still eat Whataburgers). 

Drink more water!  Move!  Breathe!  Start by doing something and notice how you feel.  Next time you are feeling sluggish, fatigued or foggy do these activities and observe the positive effect.  It will inspire you to do a little more!

  If you have significant lymph issues, such as lymphedema, please seek medical advice by a trained professional.

Until next time I invite you... TO STEP INTO BALANCE.