The Sneaky S.I. joint-4th in a series on the hip
My Hips Hurt! Causes Of Hip Pain & First Steps To Relieve Your Pain
Physical Therapy for the Fearful
Is your pain holding you back?

Physical Therapy for the Fearful that Resolves your Pain

  • Do you feel scared about going to physical therapy, or maybe even hopeless?
  • Maybe you have been hurt in therapy or told that you couldn’t get any better – learn to live with the pain, there is nothing else we can do.
  • We teach our patients how to re-engage with their body to achieve pain free movement by focusing on and then expanding what you can do well.
  • We are not a physical therapy mill, where the same treatment is performed for the same diagnosis over and over.  We see you as a unique individual with a unique set of issues to be resolved.
  • We test your body to find specifically what it needs and how much it can change at one time, tapping into it’s ability to heal itself, and stopping the pain forever.


In Person

You can visit our state of the art facilities in Dallas Texas


Telehealth appointments are also available!


Give our office a call at 214-225-8530 to discuss your options. We’d be happy to answer any questions you have for us at that time.

Learn how to relieve pain forever

  • Learn how to identify red flag areas that could lead to serious health problems in the future
  • Uncover how to align the brain and body to get it to repair itself once and for all
  • Discover a drug-free way to full recovery
  • Implement a proven system to get your body working at peak performance after you have recovered

Leave the old, injured version of yourself behind and step into a newer and stronger version of yourself


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