Are you looking for Physical Therapy for the fearful? We teach our patients how to re-engage with their bodies to achieve pain-free movement. We are not a Physical Therapy mill, where the same treatment is performed for the same diagnosis over and over. We see each person as a unique individual with a unique set of issues to be resolved. We test your body to find specifically what it needs and how much it can change at one time, tapping into its ability to heal itself, and stop the pain forever.

About Mary Thomas, PT

Mary Thomas, PT Physical Therapist Mary Thomas is the owner of Innovative Therapy P.C. and proprietor of the BODi Power...

BODi Power System

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Lymphedema Treatment

Lymphatic Drainage Easing Your Pain Lymphedema is a condition that results from the accumulation of lymph fluid in a region...

Advanced Cell Training

Healing You from the Inside Out Advanced Cell Training is a holistic program that trains the body to recognize cellular...

Essential Oils Therapy

Taking Care of All Your Senses Innovative Therapy P.C. partners with doTERRA essential oils as a way to harvest the...