What precautions do you take for COVID-19?

We want you to know that safety and health are our number one concerns. Before and after every patient, touchpoint surfaces are cleaned with a hospital-grade cleaner. Given that our office has low foot traffic, the majority of the time, the only person you'll be directly interacting with is our physical therapist and most of our services can be done while staying six feet away. If you are uncomfortable with coming into our office, we also offer online, remote sessions called Telecast.

Will my insurance cover a Telehealth session?

Most insurance companies are being very understanding with the current situation and have a plan in place for Telehealth. Each insurance company has different stipulations for each plan though. We recommend that you call the number on the back of your insurance card and verify your specific plan and Telehealth. If you don't want to use health insurance to pay for Telehealth, we also packages that are available for purchase.

What is Advanced Cell Training?

Advanced Cell Training is a revolutionary form of physical therapy that is all about training your cells to perform properly. This holistic program uses a series of rhythms and vibrations to break down microbes and have your body go back to its natural state. 

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is health services that can be done online. Most of our service can be done remotely. All you'll need for a telehealth session is:

  • a computer or device with a camera and internet capabilities to access Zoom

  • A Zoom account

  • A chair without wheels

  • Accessible wall

  • A printer in order to print out your exercises

What if I don't want to use health insurance?

In order to save you as much money as possible, we have created packages for our BODi Power System

  • 6 sessions for $599

  • 12 sessions for $1149

  • 24 sessions for $1999

For other forms of therapy, call us today for a quote.

What is BODi Power System?

The BODi Power System is a specialized form of physical therapy that is all about creating a customized plan for you and your needs. Instead of masking your limitation, the BODi Power System retrains them through the use of simple exercise so that you can once again move without pain.

What is your new patient procedure?

We are always happy to welcome new patients. Before your first appointment, we will send you a series of forms to be filled out as well as ask you for a copy of your government-issued ID and insurance card. Afterwards, a consolation appointment will be made in order to assess what the issue is and how to best address it. 

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