The power of essential oils

Here at Innovative Therapy P.C., we believe in the power of essential oils. Even though they have gained popularity in recent years, their use can date all the way back to ancient Rome as an aid in helping solve some of life's greatest problems. Essential Oils are made up of fine, concentrated molecule that come from plants. Taken straight from the earth, essential oils are able to capture the full power of nature and allow someone to bring it into their home.The use of essential oils can help combat toxins and give our bodies a gentle and natural solutions to various issues.  The lack of chemicals in essential oils is part of the reason why we love them so much. Afterall, an unadulterated essential oil should only contain a carrier oil and the oils that come from plants. By having a more natural solution to replace some of the chemicals that you use everyday, you are able to use what nature has already given us in order to live happy and healthy live.    If you are thinking that essential oils are complicated, you are not wrong. They have very delicate and intricate properties. However, essential oils are not a complete mystery. Unseen by the naked eye, essential oils hide in the seeds, stems, roots, barks, flowers, needles, and fruits of some of the plants that we see every day. Not all plants produce essential oils though. In the plants where essential oils are found, they are treated with a high level of care in order to ensure that the essential oil you bring into your home is pure and natural. Just as a plant uses essential oils to protect themselves from predators, we too can use the natural properties of essential oils to protect ourselves and promote a healthy body. There are so many use for essential oils. You can use them for anything such as skin care, household cleaners, having them help soothe sore muscles, and even helping you feel energized. Each essential oil has its own unique properties and different effects.The possibilities and benefits are truly endless!

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