What is Advanced Cell Training?

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Advanced Cell Training (ACT) is a simple, holistic behavioral modification training program. Created in 1999 as a way to improve how your immune system fights symptoms and diseases, ACT focuses on training your cells on a molecular level to behave properly. With the belief that a properly performing body is the best defense against disease, ACT helps people fight their chronic illnesses and the pain that comes with it.

ACT is a simple and non-invasive healing process that can be done remotely. There are no pills, herbs, supplements, or machines involved and it relies heavily on focus, intent, and practice. Similar to muscle memory, cells can also be trained to behave properly. With ACT, those with chronic illnesses can train their cells to behave like those who don't get sick.

When the body responds improperly, there is a likely chance of becoming ill. Microbes are multiplied, stress increases, and toxins built up - all leading to a downfall in health. However, when the body responds properly, pathogens are killed, toxins and stress are removed, and health remains. Health can be dependent upon the interior response of the body. The goal of ACT is to restore proper bodily function at the cellular level. This can restore homeostasis and help those with chronic illnesses to identify and correct misbehaving cells.

ACT is done through a series of vibrations and rhythms. By using sound frequency, molecules are able to undo themselves and put themselves back into their natural state.

ACT can help treat various chronic illnesses and conditions.

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