What is the BODi Power System?

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

The BODi Power system is a revolutionary form of physical therapy created by Mary Thomas P.T. Unlike other treatment methods, the BODi Power System addresses and treats the sources of your limitations instead of trying to cover up the symptoms.

The BODi Power System is broken into three phrases:

Phrase one is all about identifying and measuring your most limiting movements by performing a series of exercises that are done in a specific sequence with a licensed professional. These exercises are tailored to your level of ability and will examine your power, flexibility, and level of pain. After that, a Movement Number is determined as a way to track your improvement. This way, you are able to see your improvement too.

During phase two of the BODi Power System, the sources of your limitations will be addressed and treated. Your treatment consists of repeatable rounds of exercise that are focused on expanding the movement that is already easy for you as a way to release your body’s restrictions. With each round, your limitations are re-tested, troubleshooted and adjusted to your current ability as a way to discover new patterns and develop a plan that will best restore your movement over time.

Phrase three is a result of the discoveries that were found during phrase one and two. Phrase three is all about creating a treatment program based on your goals and your abilities. You will learn how to measure, track and self-treat your limiting movements at home at your own pace using customized material to guide you.

Every week, you will continue to participate in all three phrases as new exercises are added and your ability improves. The BODi Power System is all about empowering you and using your body to do great things again.

If you chose to do the BODi Power system at home through Telehealth, all you'll need is a computer or device with a camera and internet access, a Zoom account, a chair without wheels, an accessible wall, and a printer in order to print out your weekly exercises. It's that easy to get started and it's even easier to feel better.

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