Fearless Physical Therapy

After many years of hearing horror stories about people’s bad experiences and fears about doing or going to Physical Therapy, we here at Innovative Therapy PC have come up with a customizable system.

This system will teach you:

  • How to re-engage with your body to achieve pain-free movement.
  • How to stop the cycle of pain.
  • To be in the driver’s seat when it comes to the foundation of your health.

Read More About the Pain We Resolve Fearlessly:

Back Pain Relief

In Farmer's Branch, TX we offer the tools you need for permanent back pain relief.

Shoulder Pain

Great In office or online shoulder therapy in Carrollton, Farmer's Branch , Texas, Irving,

Knee Pain

We have the tools you need to stop your knee pain right here in Farmer's Branch.

Neck Pain

Move your neck again with ease here at Innovative Therapy in Dallas, waco, texas, denton, Addison, Farmer's Branch, CALL NOW...

Foot Pain

Resolve your foot pain, numbness, tingling, now in Farmer's Branch & Addison TX. No surgery, no drugs just solutions.


Relieve your headache, tension headache, sinus headache, cluster headache,post-traumatic headache or migraine in the best office in the Dallas, Texas,...


Farmer's Branch, TX premier lymphedema treatment center.

Sciatic Nerve pain

Great in office or online treatment for lower back pain, or posture induced symptoms located in Carrollton, Farmer's Branch, Irving,

Pelvic pain

Great In office relief for your pelvic pain in Carrollton, Farmer's Branch Irving, Lake Highland, Texas, Dallas


Stop living with Incontinence in Farmer's Branch

Elbow pain

The unfunny funny bone Elbow pain is most commonly a result of cumulative trauma, meaning inflammation which results from repeated...

Falling and loss of balance

I don’t need help, I didn’t fall and I can get up Falling is the number 1 cause of death...


The tell tale trauma Trauma is defined as a situation which overwhelms the individual, emotionally or physically.  The truth is...

Post-Operative shoulders, knees, foot, neck or back

Post-op – don’t stop, we got your back or knee or shoulder or ….. Some physical therapists believe, especially after...