Knee Pain

The Naughty Knee 

Knees are fun joints but not when they hurt.  They are fun because they allow us to run, jump, climb, hike, get in and out of chairs and many other activities but when they hurt, or they don’t work well, we need to look beyond the simple hinge we call the knee joint in the middle of the leg. 

The knee acts as a fulcrum under the column which enables us to hike, climb, and sit down.  If the top 2/3 of the column (the torso) is not centered on the bottom 1/3 (mid-thigh to the foot) with the ability to change the relationship quickly and accurately the stress on the knee can be tremendous. 

We evaluate your entire system from the floor to the top of your head to ensure all the parts are working together for your optimal function.  We have a proprietary system that enables your brain and body to integrate all the parts in this column and stop the knee pain, the medications and prevent surgery or manipulation under anesthesia.  Call 214-225-8530 stop the pain.