Serious & Chronic Swelling

Lymphedema is a condition where the lymphatic system becomes overwhelmed and body swells in an area or region.

There are several common causes of lymphedema –
1. Cancer treatment where lymph nodes are removed and possibly radiated. This is like placing a dam in the middle of your overflow system for your bathtub and leaving the water running. When there is too much water coming into the region but too little leaving the water accumulates. When lymph nodes or vessels are removed or damaged during surgery fluid backs up and causes swelling. This is secondary lymphedema also known as lymphostatic edema.
2. Primary Lymphedema is caused because the person was born with an insufficient lymphatic system. In these cases the swelling happens because the lymphatic pipes are not big enough or numerous enough to carry the lymph fluid being produced in the tissues. At Innovative Therapy pc we are experts are supporting your body in keeping this swelling under control.
3. Swelling due to traumas like sprains, strains, fractures or surgery. This is called lymphodynamic edema and it is the quickest and easiest type of swelling to resolve. No matter which type of swelling you have we are the experts at swelling resolution. Resolving your swelling will speed your healing and get you back to living your dreams fast.

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Lymphedema Treatment requires 5 components for excellent results.

Lymphedema Treatment has 5 components to maximize your results.

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